Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) & Self-Certification




This hand-out has been prepared for patients who have been asked to provide a ‘sick-line’ for minor illnesses lasting less than a week. There is guidance for you on the website of the Department for Work and Pensions at:

In particular the guidance reads “…your employer cannot ask you to provide a sick note, for the first 7 days that you are sick”. They may ask you to fill in a self-certificate of their own or form SC2 which you can get from your employer or you may download the form on HM Revenue & Customs website.


In essence:

Days 1 to 3 Waiting Days, SSP does not apply
Days 4 to 7 inclusive Self-Certification with form SC2, or a Private Sick note
Days 8 onwards Fit note (´Sick line’ or FMed 3)


You can get information about SSP by calling

HM Revenue and Customs employee helpline, 0845 302 1479





You must adhere to the guidance lain out in the DWP’s E14(2008) Employer Helpbook


If you are an employer, get in touch with your local HM Revenue & Customs NI Contributions office for more information or phone the Employers Helpline on 0845 7 143 143.  If you have reason to believe that your employee is not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay, you cannot simply withhold their pay – you must provide them with form SSP1 to explain your reasons – it is available at



There is no statutory requirement for a doctor’s sick note before day 8. If you would like confirmation that a patient of ours has consulted with us about their symptoms and to confirm our support of their leave on health grounds, you may request one with the patients written consent. However, such correspondence is not an NHS or statutory service, and is therefore chargeable to you via invoice and the responsibility for paying for this lies with you, not your employee, whose right to self-certify are enshrined by law.