Registering for EMIS Online

The clinical system we use has the option of booking appointments online and ordering repeat medication requests. The system also allows you to manage your appointments by viewing or cancelling current appointments.

To register please fill in the online form below.
A letter will be sent to your registered address with the details you need to register. This cannot be sent to your email address for security reasons.


Terms and conditions

  • You must ensure that your EMIS Access log in details remain confidential. At the moment the system can be used to manage your appointments and repeat medication. In the future you may be able to view a summary of your medical records. We will not necessarily write to inform you of the changes to this service and therefore this number and password should remain confidential. If you think anyone knows your details then wither change your password or ask us to reset your password.
  • EMIS Access is a voluntary scheme. If you wish your account can be stopped should you no longer wish to continue. This will not affect your registration at the practice and appointments will remain available over the phone or in person at the practice.
  • We retain the right to withdraw access to the service to those who seem to be abusing the service by booking appointments to which they do not attend or frequently cancelling appointments just before the time of the appointment which means we can not use the time for someone else.
  • We will endeavour to maintain the maximum access to the service but it is necessary for the service to be shut down overnight while our system back up occurs and there may be other times when the service is not active. Appointments made using the system can be checked and cancelled by phoning the surgery during our times of opening when the online system is unavailable.
  • Nurse appointments cannot presently be booked online as they often require a specific member of staff and a longer appointment than a single slot. These options are not presently available with EMIS Access.

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